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Jhazmin's Resume

Hi I am Jhazmin Karolinne Calderon Rossi; I was born 02/17/97 at 6: 00 a.m. at the hospital San Borja Lima-Peru. I am Peruvian and Italian Citizen, My mom remembers that I was pink as a rose. When I was a little girl, I always wanted to do sports. I jumped everywhere and I did pirouettes.
I learned to swim by myself when I was a little it was my passion. If there was a pool I would be in it. My mom told me that I am good in sports but I should focus on school first. I had a lot of friends and my mom did a birthday party. Everyone came and they had an awesome time. Even my teacher came. Seven years ago I went to travel to Miami. At first it was difficult to get used to the place.

My Mom told me to just try my best. I will say that statement top most all of the time. So I continued to study for school and still do some sports. It was difficult for 4 years until I can achieve the sports. Until the summer of 2007 in only 2 months I already knew the four styles for swimming. They told me I can join the Team of the city. My mom saw that I learned fast. I decided to continue swimming for Fun but not for a Challenge. In March 2008 I went to another swimming complex, one day my friend invited me to her birthday party it was at the Incredible Ice. When I went on the Ice Rink I wanted to be a Figure Skater. I told my Mom I wanted to do it with all my heart. My Mom told me I need to decide from one of the two sports and I decided on Figure Skating. The important part of this is that I should follow my heart and do what I think is right I realized to just follow my heart. In August I started taking lessons with my Coach, Mr. Alan Towers. Ohhh my special Coach he was and he will be a very important person in my life, I remembered what he told me when he met me. What do you like about this sport? Your Mom or Dad will not answer this, only you, Mr. Alan said. I like this sport because it is challenging and I want to compete in the Olympics. It’s not important to win it’s just important to try. I know I can trust in him. After a while I learned single jumps then I went to my Axel. I discovered that this is my passion. Every time I tried to rotate I couldn’t, but I remembered what my Mom said to try your best. A couple days past I got better, I competed 6 times and the results were good. I was in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in all of them.

I start now with Ilona Melnichenko and Artem Torgashev, to Free Style. I am trust in them they told me in my last competition they are so Proud of me. I am landing my Axel and my other jumps are in process but I am so happy with them , Artem when I am start with him I was a little nervious but I know he is a really excellent Coach and he try his much better way with me. I am so happy with him he is a little serious but I know his part silly I am happy he is my coach, Ilona is so gentle and delicate with me but more important thing she is more and a Coach she is my friend she likes the perfectly the same of my Mom and I love it I trust in her to improve me fast.

Jhazmin Calderon

"Feel your Dreams , Work Hard and Always Remember you can try "

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